Thursday, January 4, 2007

2006 Garden Post

I miss my garden already! This photos was taken a few weeks ago and was really the last of the last of my summer vegetables.

I will soon start planning my garden for next year. We use the Square Foot gardening method and it works great for our family. This is a photo of our garden last year. garden shot

ds13 1 box with sunflowers, dahlias, strawberries, cherry tomatoes
ds11 1 box with lots of herbs, peppers, lettuce, zuchinni
dd21 1 box with lots of cutting flowers
I have 1 box with tomatoes, peppers, green beans

We also have blackberries, Thompson seedless grapes, a pear tree, a fig tree, a walnut tree and a plum tree.

Our garden is a constant source of joy and inspiration. We have spent a lot of time sitting and drawing various parts of the garden. The flowers provide inspiration for our nature journals, our still lifes, and other art work.

Another aspect of having a yard with a garden and lots of tree shelter is our resident bird population. We have a variety of birds that make their home in and around our yards year round. Sometime I will share our butterfly and hummingbird garden.....that's a whole other entry!

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