Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Handbook of Nature Study

We have tried to use The Handbook of Nature Study in our home school several times in the past, but we never felt very successful or productive. Sitting down to make a plan, I easily felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of pages and topics to cover. After many years of using other resources, I want to make a more systematic study of the natural world.

Our family has a great love for all things we see in nature. We travel quite a bit and spend lots of time in our own backyard and in our area of the world. We live at the gateway of the Sierra Nevada mountains and love to hike and camp. We are grateful to be so near Yosemite National Park and its many wonders and beauties. We also have worked for twenty years to make our backyard a habitat for wildlife and enjoy the birds and other critters that visit us every day.

I know that with added focus our family will be able to gain more insight into all the creatures and other creations around us. I hope to inspire others to take a gentle approach to nature study as outlined in Charlotte Mason's books. As a Christian, I will undoubtedly point out the design and qualities that our Creator put into each thing that we study.

So feel free to read along with us as we make our way this term through the insects section of the book. We have our eye out for new insects to add to our nature journals.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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