Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Winter Photo Walk: Insects, Trees, and Sky

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Today was such a sunny day in our area and I needed a little "photo therapy". I went out in the garden and took about 50 photos. This little winged insect was sitting so still on the lavender blossom. There were actually a few blossoms with such beautiful colors in the brilliant sunshine.

I don't know what kind of insect this is but I will keep on trying to identify who he is. I think it is okay to not actually identify each and every insect we find but keep it as a work in progress.

How about this sky?

From page 624 in the Handbook of Nature Study regarding tree study, winter work:
"1. Make a sketch of the tree in your notebook, showing its shape as it stands bare." or "3. Take a twig of a tree in February and look carefully at the buds. What is their color? Are they shiny, rough, sticky, or downy?" or "4. What birds do you find visiting your tree during winter."

Check out all the ideas in your copy of the book.

Look at this silhouette!

One last photo.
Could that be my bulbs sprouting already?

Have a great afternoon,
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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