Saturday, March 1, 2008

Handbook of Nature Study: What is it?

I have read so much lately in the homeschooling circle about nature study and the Handbook of Nature Study. I have to just say this again to anyone who will listen: The Handbook of Nature Study is not a field guide.

Here's a quote from a popular homeschooling bulletin board:
"I think Comstock's book is for the eastern part of the US."

I'm could not disagree more. The
HNS is easily used in all parts of the country. It is not the only book that I own for nature study but it is the *only* book that I have that really teaches *me* to teach my children about what we find in our outdoor time. It is a guide to teaching your children more about what interests them.

She gives lists and lists of observations for the various types of animals and plants you could find anywhere. If the item is specifically not listed, you can use something similar. The
HNS covers climate, water forms, rocks, minerals, soil, and the stars. I know that all people everywhere have those things around them everyday.

I think it is worth repeating: The
Handbook of Nature Study is NOT a field guide.

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