Friday, March 7, 2008

Just Some Happy California Cows

We are really wrapping up our focus on mammals and I had to include these happy cows that we saw the other day. They live right across from this willow tree that is just starting to show its leaves.

Isn't it gorgeous?

The Handbook of Nature Study, starting on page 651, has a whole section on willows.

Here is another photo of the cows taking a little rest.

"The cattle graze mornings and evenings, swallowing the food as fast as cropped, and storing it in their ruminating stomachs. During the heat of the day, they move to the shade, preferably to the shady banks of streams, and there in quiet the food is brought up, a small portion at a time, and chewed with a peculiar side wise movement of the jaws and again swallowed. There is probably no more perfect picture of utter contentment than a herd of cows chewing their cuds in the shade, or standing knee-deep in the cool stream on a summer's day."
The Handbook of Nature Study, page 281

There is a long section on cattle in the Handbook of Nature Study. I learned all kinds of interesting things about these gentle creatures.

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