Friday, May 16, 2008

Garden Flower-Learning Our Parts Green Hour #13

We have so many garden flowers blooming right now that it is hard to pick one to draw for our nature journal....too many choices. Not a bad problem but still not enough time to do all that we want to.

Here is my son's day lily drawing.

Here is my azalea drawing.

We have had fun looking closely at all the flower parts and deciding how each insect is attracted to each particular flower.

Here are some other interesting things from our garden.


Green beans growing really fast in the heat

Zucchini....only one plant this year

That was our formal nature study this week....we have spent parts of every afternoon in the garden watering, weeding, and putting in more seeds and seedlings. Now that the hot weather has hit, we will see them come to life. The sunflowers are growing so fast I think you could sit and watch them get taller.

We will be putting some flowers in the press this week and I will share a fun project that I found to do with them in my next GH post.

Here is an entry from challenge #12 that I wanted to share with you. I love this idea and I am going to be doing it in my garden over the weekend.
Chocolate on My Cranium's Challenge #12 -Focus on Flowers
Make sure to scroll down to the photo with the kids and the wheelbarrow!

Have a great week,
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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