Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gardening Reveals The Beauty of Creation

This bee was making his rounds in the alyssum on the deck yesterday morning. He was a big time hummer and grabbed my attention right away. Make sure to click to enlarge this one so you can see his fuzzy back. Amazing.

This shot captured two with one blow. I know they are not exactly beautiful but still awesome in their design.

Click to enlarge this photo and you will see an amazing egg sac. I have put this in a container on our science shelf to see what will emerge.

Here at last is my new rose. I posted about the gift of the rose from my husband and now it is blooming. It is a delicate pinkish-orange color and the hummingbirds love it.

I caught this guy in the feeder...we definitely have a group of hummingbirds feeding in our various feeders and flowers. I love to hear them in the yard as I work.

Okay, I know this one is definitely not a "beauty" but I couldn't help including it since it is a one of the biggest of his kind that I have ever seen. We have an abundance of lizards in our backyard this year for some reason. This one was hanging out under the deck to escape the cat's notice.

Last but surely not least, our pink little strawberries. We have already harvested a batch but we ate them so fast that I didn't get a photo. So sweet and delicious and I can hardly wait to eat this next round.

Hope you enjoyed my garden photos for the week. There are so many things to look at right now in our yard. I spend a few minutes early each morning just taking a look to see what is new. Then after lunch I do my hand watering and that gives me another opportunity to see interesting things. Don't forget to investigate your little plot of green today!

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