Monday, April 14, 2008

April Showers of Photos: April 13

The climbing rose on my butterfly garden is blooming like crazy this week. It has never been so full of blooms but I think it is getting more sun now that we cut down the big pine tree in our yard. It is prettier than it looks in this photo.

Here is a close-up of the blooms. There are so many of them. Can you hear the bees buzzing?

Here is one limb hanging down on the shady side that looks like a bouquet all by itself.

Thanks to Jennifer for hosting an April Showers of Photos challenge on her blog S/V Mari Hal-O-Jen.

I never intended that the majority of my photos for this challenge would be of flowers but it does make sense if you know me. I surround myself with floral beauty at all times. I can't get enough.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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