Thursday, August 14, 2008

Crickets Inside and Outside the House: Challenge #24

We have lots of experience with crickets. Our fire-bellied toads eat crickets everyday. The boys have a cricket habitat that they keep the crickets in until they are rationed out as food for the toads to snatch up.

We had to buy really big crickets a few weeks ago and they made such a racket in the house. We normally buy little crickets and they are too young to chirp. The boys could not sleep with the large crickets chirping in their room. There must have been fifty crickets in the habitat. They solved the problem by turning on the light and that made the crickets stop. Interesting.

If you are looking at the photos of the habitat and you see orange cubes, those are cricket food that provides moisture and food for them. Most of the crickets spend their time in the black tubes in the dark. You can remove a tube and shake out a few crickets into the toad habitat very easily. It works very well.

I have included a sketch of one of the crickets that my son made for his nature notebook.

After reading Angi's entry, I feel like we cheated in completing this entry by purchasing our crickets. Angi's boys look like they had a great time searching for crickets at night. We may have to try that soon.

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