Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Outdoor Hour Challenge Notebooking Pages and a New Ebook Soon

Since the very beginning of the Outdoor Hour Challenges, Tina from Jetihoja Academy has been creating notebooking pages to go along with each week's assignments. I have appreciated all her effort in producing a way for families to easily follow up their nature study time with a page for their nature journal.

Tina has enjoyed creating the notebook pages for the weekly challenges so much that she has decided to revamp the original topic specific versions and make them even better. These will be available in a new upcoming Outdoor Hour ebook. (See below for additional information on the ebook.)
As she switches directions, she will be removing all the currently available notebooking pages from the Save File website on Friday, August 22nd. If you use her notebooking pages along with the challenges, you will find in their place, newly designed generic style notebooking pages for your use starting on August 22nd.
Our hope is that you will find this streamlined offering much more convenient for your family. You can print multiple copies of the three beautifully redesigned notebooking pages to use for any challenge. Along with the nature journal pages you will also have available a blank page to use as a running list of items you have observed in any particular focus area. Lastly, there will be a notebooking page to record any items you add to your nature collection.

If you wish to have the currently available notebooking pages, please make sure to download them by Friday, August 22nd. The five new notebooking pages will be made available for download sometime on Friday, August 22nd.

I think the newly designed free notebooking pages are a great asset to the homeschooling community and I want to thank Tina for offering them to everyone as a free download.

If you have any questions about the notebooking page switch on August 22nd, you can email me at harmonyfinearts@yahoo.com

Now for the announcement!

Outdoor Hour Challenge Ebook
As part of a new partnership, Tina, my daughter Amanda, and I are in the process of writing an ebook that will include the original first ten Outdoor Hour Challenges. The new ebook will have the original challenges, tips for using the Handbook of Nature Study from my blog, examples from my family on how we accomplished each challenge, a brand new set of notebooking pages for each challenge, and some suggestions for additional activities and resources for the first ten challenges. Many families have suggested that I combine the challenges into one document for ease of use and after much thought, I agree that it would help more families if they had a convenient resource at their fingertips.

I will keep you posted as the project proceeds but we anticipate publishing it on Lulu.com in the near future. If there is much demand after releasing the first ten challenges as an ebook, we will proceed with publishing the next group of challenges and notebooking pages, probably by focus area.

To be clear, the challenges will all still be on my blog but the ebook will be available for a small fee as a convenience to families that wish to have everything all in one place. I will still be adding new challenges each week to my blog and you are welcome to use the free notebooking pages that Tina is offering.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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