Saturday, August 16, 2008

Great Local Nature Resources....Look Up Your Zip Code

I received a FANTASTIC link in an email from the Kids Gardening News. (sign up for their free email always has great info)

Here is a little blurb-make sure to click the link below to get information about pollinators in your specific region of the United States:

Pollinators are essential to life

Nearly 80% of our world's crop plants require pollination. Birds, bees, butterflies, but also beetles, mosquitoes, and even bats transfer pollen between seed plants. This function is vital for plant reproduction.

Here is the link:
Pollinator Guide: Ecoregional Planting Guide

Look up your zip code to see if you have a guide available for your region. These are beautiful PDF files that you can download with loads of information about your particular region. I see these guides as valuable resources for local geography, science, natural history, and community involvement. What a GEM!

After I typed in my zip code it told me what region I live in:
Sierran Steppe-Mixed Forest-Coniferous Forest-Alpine Meadow Province

My region's guide is not available yet but I took a peek at some of the others. What a fabulous resource tailored to your particular region of the United States.

This is perfect for our focus on insects.

Take a look,
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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