Monday, February 11, 2008

Of Dandelions and Paperwhites

Today was a warm, sunny day in my neck of the woods. I went out with my camera to capture the paperwhites that started blooming this week and look what was waiting to greet me......a dandelion in the grass.

It made me smile and feel so much better after a week of being sick with a cold and the flu. Isn't it amazing how a little yellow flower can lift your spirits?

The paperwhites are starting to bloom by the mailbox so now as the days tick on I will have a steady bloom of paperwhites, daffodils, and then day lilies.
The delicate fragrance is so wonderful as these bloom in the warm sun.

Here is what the Handbook of Nature Study says on page 534 about the dandelion:
"The following are the tactics by which the dandelion conquers us and takes possession of our lands: a: It blossoms early in the spring and until snow falls, producing seed for a long season. b: It is broadminded as to its location, and flourishes on all sorts of soils. c: It thrusts its long taproots down into the soil, and thus gets moisture and food not reached by other plants. d: its leaves spread out from the base, and crowd and shade many neighboring plants out of existence. e: many insects visit it, and so it has plenty of pollen carriers to insure strong seeds; it can also develop seeds from its own pollen, or it even can develop seeds without any pollen. f: It develops almost numberless akenes, and the wind scatters them far and wide and they thus take possession of new territory. g: It forms vigorous leaf-rosettes in the fall, and thus is able to begin growth early in the spring. "

The Handbook of Nature Study has a whole section on dandelions including activities from pages 531-535.

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Doesn't this make you laugh? This is the same cat that thought she could "hide" in the birdfeeder. She really isn't very good at this hiding game. I imagine she is enjoying the view anyway.

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