Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tips on Using the Handbook of Nature Study

Tips on how to use the Handbook of Nature Study:
1. Don't carry it on your nature hikes. It isn't a field guide so you will more than likely not pull it out anyway.
2. When you come indoors from your nature time, pull it out and turn to the index to see if something you saw that day is covered in the book.
3. Quickly skim the information in the book that talks about the subject you observed.
4. Share a few points with your children.

Try those steps as a good place to start until you get more familiar with the book.

Are you ready for more?
Some more advanced tips:
1. If you find a subject that your interested in covering with your children, read the introduction to yourself. Make pencil notes of anything you want to share.
2. Take a few minutes and share those points and then help your child make a nature journal entry using those points.
3. If you want to make a more in depth study, turn to the end of the section and use the suggested activities or just pick out one or two items to try.

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