Thursday, June 12, 2008

Little Blog Break

I will be taking a mini blog break until next Monday, June 16th. Just wanted you to know in case you ask a question or email me and I don't respond back as quickly as usual. :)

I need a little break after this past week. With my situation with the Green Hour people and now a disagreement with the folks, I just need some time off. My husband is also gone working out of town on a wildfire so it will be nice and quiet around here. :)

I will be back to normal on Monday. Enjoy your Outdoor Hour Challenges and if you participate in Sketch Tuesday, I will look forward to seeing your sketches and your entries.

Thanks for everyone's support this week, I appreciate it so much.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

PS If you go to my old blog, you will find has been deleted by the folks at HSB without notice. Just a heads up for those that use HSB......they will not let you know if they have an issue with your blog. I found out the hard way. I may post more on it later.

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