Sunday, June 8, 2008

Why Use the Handbook of Nature Study?

"A mother should read these kinds of books to herself, not just to collect little bits of knowledge to pass on to her children as they come across things she's read about, but so that she can learn enough to answer their questions and help the children with their observations....Children will love a person who knows the things they want to find out about and such a person may influence a young mind to have a passion for nature that will be retained for life..."
Charlotte Mason, Volume 1 page 64
That is a clear reason that the Handbook of Nature Study should have a solid standing in our science and nature study materials. This book makes it so easy to look up something we observed outdoors and flip to those pages and read a little to ourselves. I know some families enjoy reading the selection together but it is not necessary. The meat of each section is the section for observations. I love to read through those questions and learn how I can better guide my child to their own understanding of the subject.

Our goal:
"And this is exactly what a child should be doing for the first few years. He should be getting familiar with the real things in his own environment."
Charlotte Mason, Volume 1 page 66
If you need help getting started with the Handbook of Nature Study, please join us for the Outdoor Hour Challenges posted every Friday. Or if you want an example of how our family uses this book, read through our responses to each of the challenges and you will see how easy it is to use once you get the correct idea about what it is for.

So even though you might look at the copyright date of this book and wonder how it could still be relevant today, you have your answer: It helps you to your goal. Your goal of helping your child become more acquainted with nature close to their own home.

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