Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Bean Germination Results and Garden Update

Outdoor Hour Challenge #19-Germination

Here are our beans after germination. You can see the roots clearly and the stem and then the first leaves at the very top.

Another shot where you can see all the parts.

Here you can see the roots clearly and the plant trying to reach up out of the bag.

This was so easy and very rewarding. I hope everyone tries it at some time during their nature study.

Now for our garden report.

More tomatoes growing a bush.

Pumpkins starting to really put on the leaves.

Green bean blossoms.

Bean vines growing into the walnut tree....which is loaded with nuts (or seeds).

Pretty daylilies starting to bloom all over the yard. First a pink one.

Now a dark red and yellow one.

And finally my roses and sunflowers.

That's my garden update for this week. There are so many interesting things going on around the yard that it is taking me a long time to make my rounds in the mornings. This is what makes a gardener's heart happy.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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